Re-Gathering Considerations

Prefer Others to Pursue Relationships

The Process over Programming to Focus on People

In-Person Gathering

Bible Camp Family Experience

June 14th – 28th

Family Gatherings

As we take the first step to gathering In-Person, we value the process over the programming. Considering this, we are creating Family Gatherings for a Sunday Morning Service. These Family Gatherings will encompass everybody in the family since we will not be offering PK Programming. These Family gatherings in the Auditorium will practice all the Social Distancing Guidelines. We also will be launching an RSVP system due to the limited number of people we can have in our auditorium at this time.

JULY 5th – July 29th

Family Experience

As we enter July, our conversation will entail Family Participation. In July, we will continue offering Sunday morning Family Gatherings. Also, on Wednesdays, we will offer Family Experiences geared toward PowerKids. These experiences will walk hand in hand together. We will continue to maintain Social Distancing Guidelines and an RSVP system.



As we run into August, we are hopeful we can begin to offer PK Programming with our Weekend Services.